Watch Sumo Practice at Sumo stable

Authentic Sumo Wrestler Morning Practice Viewing in Tokyo

Interested in watching a serious practice of Japan’s national sports, Sumo?
This is a great opportunity to watch sumo wrestlers’ serious practice and training from a short distance.
Feel the sumo world and observe how the practice is usually done.
This experience will certainly be unforgettable.

Price(per person)
Adult/Child(Age3&over)7,700 JPY

Available Month
Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Dec

60~120 min
*End time varies day by day.

Not available

Additional Note(s)
・This is not a private tour. There may be other participants.
・Please keep in mind the following rules during the visit:
– A sumo stable is not a tourist facility. Sumo wrestlers train very hard and seriously. 
Please make sure to show respect to the stable master and wrestlers.
– Please watch the training quietly and do not walk around the stable.
– Please be quiet in the stable. Even whispering may disturb the wrestlers.
– Do not stand in the ring or on the sandy ground.
• – At the entrance of the stable, please take off your shoes. Then sit cross-legged on the floor. Don’t stretch your legs toward the ring. It is considered impolite to show the soles of your feet to the wrestlers.
– Please take off your hat and sunglasses.
– Do not eat, drink, or smoke inside the stable.
– You can take photos during the training, but do not stand or move about. Please do not use flash or cameras with loud shutters.
• – Once you start watching the training, you are supposed to stay until the wrestlers finish their training. So please be sure not to leave the stable during the training.
• Transportation to the stables, food and beverage is not included.
• Please follow the guide’s instructions during the program. We will not be responsible for any accidents caused by disregarding the instructions.
• Program duration is an estimate and is subject to change depending on the number of participants and/or conditions without prior notice.
We are determines which sumo stable is in the best condition the tour.
Hence, you will be informed of the exact meeting point and time a week prior to your scheduled tour date.

Booking process
1. Please contact us for availability through BOOK IT button below.
2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 1 business day.
3. Payment request will be sent Credit Card.
4. Reservation is done upon receiving your payment. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

Payment/Cancellation policy

Payment type

PayPal(ペイパル)|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB

Cancellation Policy
Reservation cancelled less than 10 days before the program date will incur the following charges:
-Between 10days and 3days: 30% of the program charge
-2days in advance : 50% of the program charge
-Less than a day before or no show:100% of the program charge
*Time is in JST.