ex Professional Sumo Wrestler
Birth nameYoshinori Tashiro
Height188 cm (6.17ft)
Weight180 kg (419lb)


  • Chinese Movie “Detective Chinatown 3” : cast release Feb./2021
  • Indian Movie “Sumo” : sub lead cast to be released in 2021
  • TVCM for “HARIBO” (Popular soft candy)
  • Web promotion video for Japan National Tourism org manners for tourist
  • Promotion video for Tokyo City Gov. “ Tokyo x Tokyo”
  • Geki rare” main guest (Nationwide TV program)
  • TV CM for major Sushi chain stores
  • “VOGUE” U.S.A. model Mar./2017
  • TV CM for SUNTORY (Japanese Beverage co.)
  • TV CM for IKEA Japan Furniture SALE
  • Web CM / Newspaper ad. For TOYOTA
  • TV CM for au kddi (Major Tel com co.)
  • TV CM for Food co. Sausage CM
  • TV CM for Major Online Retailer Frig. Promo.
  • Web CM for CONVERSE Japan
  • Web CM for “SHARP” Food cooker
  • TV CM for DAIHATSU (Auto co. in Japan)
  • TV CM for Mitsubishi motor co in Australia
  • Web CM for “DORITEC” (Weight scale)
  • Web CM “Fly station” (Sky diving amusement)
  • Abema TV” (Major Web TV program) Sport variety
  • Sukkiri ” (Japanese popular morning show)
  • “Man of destiny” (Popular drama in nationwide
  • “Crazy Journey” (Nationwide documentary
  • Peoko Jani” (Nationwide variety TV program)
  • Emirates airline inflight program
  • TV CM for SONY Camera (Hong Kong)
  • Web CM “AVAR” Japanse famous ad. co. promotion
  • Newspaper Ad. For Master Card for Rugby World Cup
  • Sumo events for tourists (150+ more / Yr.) etc. etc.